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We envision a new online world where creators and listeners can freely transact with one another in an open ecosystem. The result is a fairer and more transparent way to reward creators for their work and help them build better relationships with their strongest supporters.

RSS and Bitcoin

Open Publishing and Payments

The open publishing model has inspired a decade of rapid innovation and growth in the podcasting space. Similarly, Bitcoin has enabled instant, peer-to-peer payments around the world using a standard set of internet protocols. By combining these two powerful sets of tools, we can finally break music out of monolithic, gated streaming platforms and empower artists and creators to earn more revenue directly from their most devoted fans.Streaming as we know it is changing for the better.

The future of streaming is here

The fan-driven economy is finally here. Using the latest in open internet standards, Wavlake provides a simple way for creators to distribute music and podcasts to listeners around the globe, while enabling their fans to send them direct payments.

Easy Publishing

Focus on creating your music or content. Let us handle the management of your hosting and feed syndication.

Universal Distribution

Upload once, distribute everywhere. Because we use open standards, your content is available on any audio platform or app that supports the new streaming standard.

Lightning Payments

With your built-in wallet, receive bitcoin directly from fans and withdraw it whenever you like. Identify and reward your biggest supporters with fan-exclusives.


Michael Rhee

Award-winning radio producer and indie musician turned software developer with a decade of experience managing data and designing distributed systems. Caught the attention of Bitcoin-enthusiasts and artists in 2021 with Wavlake alpha, the first-ever Lightning-powered music streaming site. Contributor to Bitcoin Magazine and Lightning Labs’ open-source LND project. Featured on Changing the Tide podcast and Voltage’s Twitter Spaces series.


Sam Means

Songwriter, musician, and creator of Lightning Store, a Bitcoin-powered merchandise site. Also founder of Hello Merch, an outlet for bands, musicians, creative artists and businesses to manufacture and sell merchandise anywhere, without giving up their rights.

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