Make Peace Profitable Again
1MPPADeez Laughs

Produced by Bvtman Make Peace Profitable again why are they giving us Alien information UAP the new .UFO used to be a no go zone, Look up in the sky, soon, it will be full of mini drones. Ye left to hang out to dry they did it once Harley Pasternik CiA Canadian guy. Michael Rectenwald running to wrecking the regime, jaming up the halls of justice, now its just us know what I mean moving energy from nuclear to green? Fossil Futures, Carbon Credits, Rent your life Simon Klaus Says You'll own nothing and. Be happy... forget it Voting is a scam too and you'll probably end up to Regretting it Dont believe in god think its a stretch but the big bang given the same credit organizing out of Have you heard about this term. No agenda coined the term called the Robo Debt? breakfast club showed us as a kid detention came before suspension btw did i forgot to mention climate and capacity had collided to cause this whole calamity a mouthful we shall see...