Bass War
1Bass War4D4M
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In the electrifying realm of tearout dubstep music, 4D4M emerges as a force to be reckoned with, unleashing a sonic onslaught with his highly anticipated EP “Bass War.” Thrusting listeners into a hardstyle, adrenaline-fueled battleground where thunderous kicks collide with pulsating bass lines, he creates a symphony of raw power and unyielding energy. From the opening track to the climactic finale, “Bass War” transports bass-heads to the front lines of the tearout dubstep movement, where anthemic melodies and relentless percussive bass boost reigns supreme. 4D4M declares sonic war on the dance floor, leaving no ear unturned and no soul untouched. Brace yourself for intensity reaching its zenith, and speakers trembling under the weight of the rawstyle sound. Join the revolution with this dubstep DJ as we prepare our bodies for the “Bass War.” More music at