Help Wanted

An album written by Nate Johnivan and created with friends in 2020. In order of Appearance: Poor Eleanor: Vocals, Music besides Banjo: Nate Johnivan. Banjo: James Lorenz. Losing a Friend: All Music and Vocals, Nate Johnivan. Protection: Vocals, Guitar: Nate Johnivan. Vocals, Erin Lenau (Hollywood Makeout, Tokyo Morose). Lead Guitar: Dan Fisher (Bermuda Teenager). Bass: Cedric Canero (Hollywood Makeout, Easers, Lambo). Drums: Dustin Posthuma (Drawing Monsters, Death by Lions, Fine Fine Titans). Get Lost: Vocals, Guitar: Nate Johnivan. Guitar and Production: Dustin Posthuma. Bass: Nauman Mangla (Reggie). The Gallery: Vocals and Guitar: Nate Johnivan. Backing Vocals: Neil Edbrooke. Bass: Steve Sullivan (Drawing Monsters, Bless You Boys, Barrel Bones). Drums: Dustin Posthuma. All tracks mixed and mastered by Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios (Mustard Plug, Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine).